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About Us

It given us Immense pleasure to welcome you and provide you with information about Safa Model School, our aim is to nurture & empower pupils to become responsible Muslim citizens who contribute not only to their own development but also to the well-being of their family, parents neighbors & the community they live in.
Our aspiration is to provide the highest quality of education in a Safa & Islamic environment, we encourage excellence in academic and moral development in order to give our pupils the opportunity to reach their full potential, we hope to set a strong foundation for our future generation, Inshalllah
We want our pupils to enjoy their school experience and develop a strong resolve to continue their education as a life long process, Above all, Safa , would like each pupils to a quire a soul moral attitude to life through through good – consciousness (Taqwa) and acknowledging divine guidness in all their affairs directing to become good Indian citizen who value and live Islamic.
Due to our small class sizes our committed and motivated teachers have the experience of given each child a personalized education the monitoring of each and attention to detail in their needs has lead to academic process and produced knowledgeable students who are taught in a safe and caring Islamic environment upon reading through their prospectus, we invite you to visit our school and realize the potential your can achieve have Safa Model School.