Aims, Objectives and Ethos


“Safa Model Schools aim is to develop every student’s mind, body and soul by promoting academic progress and nurturing their intellectual, physical, spiritual and social potential within a secure Islamic environment for the benifit of the wider community”
Safa Model School promotes educational Progression, motivating students to gain qualifications they can carry to their chosen career of further / higher educations.
SMS treats every child as in individual and provides stimulating and differcitial work, setting tasks and goals that are and specific to the child.
SMS wants to gain the pleasure of almighty, our creator, by sering Indian community through the provision of and educational institution based on Islamic values of tolerance, peace, morality and harmony.
SMS instills piety, using the knowledge and wisdom from the Quran and examples from the life of the prophet Muhammad (Pease be upon him) and his companions. Our aim is to integrate Islamic creator in to the pupils.
SMS develops a balanced growth of personality through training of the sprit and the intellect so that students become confident and inspiring individual.