Kakrauli is a big village with significant Muslim concentration under the Muzaffarnagar district. Like most of the other villages of the region, this big village too had only the madrasas which could impart instructions only in the initials of the religious learning like reading the Holy Qur’an by sight, initials of Urdu language, and the Islamic theology. Due to the non-existence of such schools that are able to provide further education in religion and the subjects of modern school curriculum most girl students had to discontinue their education while they were still ten years. Discontinuation of the process of learning at such a tender age of course constitutes a great injustice towards the nice gender. In order to fill this terrible void, the Safa Trust took an initiative. It has established Daar- e- Safa School for Muslim girls in the village. Parents are evincing their enthusiasm to get their teenage daughters educated under the safe and trustworthy environment of the Safa Schooling system. The parents are satisfied with the performance of the Safa schools and the schools are running to their fullest capacity of the seats.