The township of Mawana is fortunate enough to have a number of institutions to satisfy the needs of Muslim children and teenage girls at the front of religious education. But since most institutions are bent upon following the exhausted and obsolete traditional scheme of religious education extending over several years, the girls often feel discouraged with this lengthy curriculum, comprising mostly the elements rendered useless by the change of requirements in the modern age. As a matter of reality, the girls need the courses of shorter durations, structured with strict observance of their specific needs. This important fact in mind, the Daar -e- Safa has come up with well-structured and dexterously designed short term separate courses to impart religious instructions to different groups wishing to acquire religious and modern education in a satisfying manner. The five- year duration of the complete course has been devised for those girls who have no educational background at all. Having gone through this five- year condensed course of Islamic learning, a girl may earn the degree of Aalimiyat. As for those girls who have already passed High School, Intermediate or graduation from any college or institution, they may earn the same degree as Aalimiyat by studying the courses of three- year or two-year duration. The concentrated study of these courses is expected to make the students able to lead the life not just of successful Muslim woman caring for her children and family in the best possible way, she may even transform herself into a good Islamic preacher as well.