Located at the Bijnor- Meerut road at a distance of 30 kilometers away from Meerut city, Behsuma is the last township of Meerut district. In terms of education and economy, Behsuma’s condition is very miserable. Around Behsuma there exists a cluster of villages with a Muslim population exceeding forty thousand. The situation is that the young and underage children learning religious and secular education under primary-level schools often have to discontinue their education largely because of the non- non-existence of the institutions to cater for their educational needs at the next levels of their educational journey. In case they wish to go ahead with their education, the only option they have is to enroll themselves with such institutions which are opposed to the Islamic belief and moral values, and as such pose a very real danger to our children’s faith, practices, and moral values. By the grace of Allah, the Safa Model School system is emerging as the best alternative of those institutions and is providing religious and secular education in an environment fully conducive to promote Islamic values with no inhibition at all.