The historic importance of Meerut is known to all. In the annals of India it shall always be remembered for more reasons than one. Besides its other characteristics, Meerut is known for the living and cheering disposition of its people. But, strangely enough, as far as the establishing of the standard educational institutions with Islamic environment and Muslim- dominant character is concerned, this historic city’s tale is not very much different from that of other places, cities and rural areas of considerable Muslim concentration. There too is an acute dearth of such institutions that may meet the educational requirements of the community, the most urgent need the community has long been facing on the front of education, both religious and modern secular subjects enabling the beneficiaries meet the real- time challenges of life in a satisfactory manner according to the demands of the time and age. This dismal educational scenario of Meerut in view, the Trust decided to launch the SAFA MODEL SCHOOL. Executing the decision of the Trust, the management has initiated Safa Model School. It is hoped that this school shall, in sha Allah, emerge as a beacon and living example for the entire area, prompting others to launch a chain of similar institutions with similar aims and