Thana Bhawan is a historic township in the district of Shamli. Being the native and the burial place of Haz. Maulana Ashraf Alin Thanavi, a renowned man of Islamic scholarship of the twentieth century, Thana Bhawan is a township well- known equally in India and outside. As far as religious education is concerned, there exists a well-established chain of madrasas and seminaries across the villages located around it. But, unfortunately, like most of the other townships with a dominant Muslim population in the region, this township too hardly had any educational institution that might satisfy the needs of the M u s l I m community in terms of contemporary secular education. Those interested in the subjects of the modern curriculum had to move to such schools and institut ions that not just refuse to accommodate Muslim students with their Islamic character and religious and moral values, but also leave no stone unturned to discourage the young Muslim generations on this front. Realizing this immediate requirement, the Safa Model school unit of the Trust has launched a branch of the Safa Model School at Thana Bhawan which is doing well. At this stage, the school is working in a hired building. Efforts are being made to arrange its own building. It is the scarcity of resources which is posing the main hurdle in this regard. We hope that with the support of the Muslim community the Trust will overcome this problem.