The township of Mawana is located northside some twenty-five km away from the city of Meerut. Within the area of ten kilometers around this township there exist almost ten villages with a considerable Muslim majority. The Muslim population in Mawana and around exceeds 90000 ( ninety thousand). But, despite such a huge Muslim population, there existed hardly any good and standard educational institution to cater for the Muslim’s religious and contemporary educational requirements in an environment conducive to the development of moral values and Islamic characteristic ethics in an acceptable and satisfying manner. On this front, the Trust is often faced with a double-fold problem: first, a general lack of enthusiasm in Muslims to get their children educated. Second, the parents interested in their children’s education have no other option than to avail of the existing ones for the purpose. Driven by their own specific ideologies, mostly secular in character, with hardly any moral commitment, the un-Islamic environment of such institutions often negatively impacts the spiritual side of Muslim children with the total thrust on attaining material prosperity through the entire educational enterprise. The harm and the negative impact of this Godless educational policy far outweigh its positive output. With the view to counter this sinister state of affairs with respect to education and acquisition of knowledge, especially in the perspective of Muslim children, a chain of Safa Public Schools has been launched in the township of Mawana.